In peacetime, misguided charismatic grants destroy the sense of responsibility and fighting spirit of the beneficiaries instead of cultivate the spirit of wait-and-see, easy gain, and corruption. In the end, it reinforces the feelings of incapacity and inferiority, as well as the fatalistic mind, which constitute the foundations of non-development. As a rule, ASUDEC prohibits free access in its approaches and works to make the assisted a donor.

Thus, while the NGO works to improve the general awakening of populations, it reinforces the technical and professional capacities of women and young people, and grants them basic material subsidies (animals, equipment, materials and agricultural inputs, etc.) to help them start their own microbusiness . As these grants are awarded under contract, the beneficiary is called upon to reimburse part or all of the costs within a negotiated period agreed upon for the benefit of a new applicant, and thereby becomes a donor.
Thanks to this approach, the benefits of small support received from generous donors reach many vulnerable people in time and space, creating channels of solidarity and strengthening the bonds of friendship and kinship within communities while promoting family well-being and local development at a lower cost. Everyone is able to follow and appreciate the impact of his donations down the chain, the approach greatly boosts the pride and dignity of the assisted. Some of these solidarity chains operate as insurance groups to prevent the risks of bankruptcy..