ASUDEC Philosophical foundations



ASUDEC endeavors to honor the Supreme Being by helping people to find better ways of thinking and doing that would result in a well-being for all while preserving the environment en diversity for future generations. The Logo herein represented symbolizes the vocation, the philosophical foundations, the mission and the goals of the organization. 

  1. The acronym: A.SU.DE.C. : The acronym A.SU.DE.C. resumes the name of the NGO : «Africa’s Sustainable Development Council» . This name is made of four (4) key words, the first letters of which make the acronym. It describes the geographical scope of the organization (Africa), its prime challenge (Sustainable), its nature and domain of intervention (Development), and its institutional arrangement (Council).
  2. The bird and the branch: Both, the sustainability of humanity and human well-being lane on the sustainability of natural resources and global diversity. The branch and the bird which represent the plant and animal kingdoms, respectively, symbolize together and at the same time diversity and all the good things of creation; the preservation of which is ASUDEC’s prime motive.
  3. The bird feeding on the flower: The bird that holds the branch to feed on the flower describes the sacred interdependency among all elements of nature, and recalls that both, the sustainability of humanity and human well-being depend on how the environment and diversity are preserved.
  4. The heart shaped form: The preservation of all the good things of creation requires peace, equity and wisdom, and a fair appreciation of their individual and collective usefulness.   This is symbolized by the heart shape as describe the two kingdoms.
  5. Light shining out from the bottom of the heart: Peace in a community reflects the inside peace of the individual members who compose it. Peace will become a durable reality only if love is cultured for all the elements that surround us; including Men and "things". Peace and love are represented together by the light that shines out from the bottom of the heart to reach out all the good things of creation; from the infinitely small to the infinitely big things, and from the visible to the invisible things. Light also symbolizes education, the source of knowledge and wisdom that are necessary to achieve good governance and global well-being. It is yellow to mean that it is also source of hope.
  6. The green color: Nature is immensity, complexity, diversity, beauty, kindness and power. The green color symbolizes hope and the real welfare that is in nature. It also reminds us the need to preserve nature.
  7. The blue color: Water enables life!. Water also symbolizes tranquility and serenity. The blue color represents water and the serenity that must govern our problem solving.  
  8. The dark color: Although we are Universalist, ASUDEC cannot realistically cover the whole world. Therefore, ASUDEC geographical limits are Sub-Sahara Africa, the neediest continent. The dark color represents this part of the globe that is predominately populated by black people.
  9. The white background: « Man is wolf to Man! » is a negative saying that describes and encourages the long time mistrust and animosity among human beings.   All men are brothers and so, should mutually repose confidence and security on one another. This is only possible if their relations are characteristically transparent. That transparency is symbolized here by the white background of the logo.

Transparency in the management of a grassroots organization like ASUDEC in particular is the pledge of the mutual trust that must govern its relations with both its partners and beneficiaries.  

  1. The red color: The red color means that the mission of ASUDEC is not an easy task. To the contrary, it will face all kinds of difficulties: economic, social, technical, political and cultural, etc.. However, the communion with the forefathers and all good willing spirits in the good faith to honor the Supreme Being will lead to success beyond expectations.
  2. The English and French languages: The English and French languages, while facilitating advocacy for ASUDEC, recall the history of Sub-Sahara Africa. Although it is often painful and depressing, this history should be seen as an infinite source of inspiration for human kind.   It teaches humility and wisdom, shows ways to follow and errors to avoid in the fight for a better world.

Finally, it commends that the African peoples reconsider their self denial in favor of creative ways to contribute to the making and diversity.