Our logo represents the vocation, the philosophical foundations, the goal, the mission and the main objectives of ASUDEC
African spirituality teaches that every human soul comes to life to fulfill a sworn mission. Born into absolute nakedness amidst this immense and unimaginable diversity, man must fulfill his mission while enjoying life and preserving the environment and diversity for the benefit of future generations. To succeed, the Creator would have rewarded the man with three (3) essential tools, namely the heart, the head and the arms.

The heart represents the will and conscience. Consciousness and will are at the root of everything: They govern how we use knowledge to fulfill ourselves and enjoy life.
The Head represents intelligence and memory. While memory is used for knowledge storage, intelligence can analyze and synthesize knowledge to make the most of it. By knowledge we mean information about the causes and effects of things, know-how, know-how to be and know-how to become. If the intelligence, the conscience, the will and the arms are innate to the Man, the knowledge, must be acquired progressively during the life at the height of the will and the conscience. In Africa in general, the results of development efforts are often mixed because of a lack of knowledge and real will on the part of decision-makers.
The arms represent the whole body, substrate of life and work tool. Self-realization goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge to require the implementation of these;therefore the use of arms, always at the height of his will and his conscience.As such, the body is a means of perception and interaction with the external environment of man.In conclusion, the successful completion of his original mission in the real joy of life will depend on the proper combination ofhis heart, his head and his arms.

Diversity characterizes creation and ensures its sustainability. Diversity goes from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, and from the visible to the invisible. The twig and the bird, which respectively represent the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom, symbolize together and at the same time all the goods of creation and the diversity of which preservation is the primary objective of the NGO.

The bird holds the branch to feed on the flower to: 1) describe the sacred interdependence between all components of the environment, and 2) say that the preservation of the environment and diversity depend on the survival of the humanity and the happiness of man on earth.The good preservation of the goods of the creation requires from the Man a good appreciation of their individual and collective utilities, and a spirit of equity and wisdom. Also, peace in a community reflects peace in each individual who composes it. This ever-desired peace can become a reality only through the culture of love for all that surrounds us; including Men and "things"; hence the form of heart that the two reigns together describe.

Peace and love are symbolized together by the blue light that springs from the heart to fill the heart and win all the goods of creation, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, and from the visible to the invisible. Light also symbolizes education, a source of knowledge and wisdom necessary for good governance and well-being.
Nature is only immensity, complexity, diversity, beauty, goodness and power. The green color symbolizes the hope of the real happiness that nature contains.

"Water is life !". Water also symbolizes tranquility, serenity. The blue color represents the water. Although universalist, ASUDEC would not cover the whole world. To remain realistic, he will concentrate his efforts on the sub-Saharan Africa so long-suffering that represents the black color.

"The Man is a wolf for the Man" is a negativist saying which encourages the mistrust and the animosity between the Men. All men are brothers, and as such, they must trust and trust each other. This is only possible if their relationships are characteristically transparent. This transparency is here symbolized by the white background of the logo. Transparency in the management of ASUDEC in particular will be a guarantee of its sustainability; more specifically, the trust that the technical and financial partners, as well as the beneficiaries of its actions in the field, will give it.

Finally, Anglophonie and Francophonie, while facilitating the ASUDEC 's advocacy, recall the sub-Saharan history. Although often painful and depressing, this story is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all men. It shows the paths to follow and the mistakes to avoid for a more humane, enjoyable and sustainable development.