Vision, mission objectives


Founded in 1998, A.SU.DE.C is a non-governmental grassroots organization with a pan-African vision. ASUDEC members include Mentors: tasked to mobilize resource, they are the only ones eligible for decision-making; Endogenous Educators: Tasked to implement project activities, and the Beneficiaries: Main actors of local development. Other stakeholders include Institutional Partners, International Advisers, and various supporters (student and professional trainees, volunteers, benevolent).

ASUDEC's vision:

A world where diversity is preserved, and where all men live happily in equity, peace and social harmony in a healthy and pleasant environment, guided by a lay spirituality.

ASUDEC mission :

Help people find better ways of thinking and doing that can make life easier and lead to well-being for all in a futuristic and sustainable vision.

ASUDEC objectives :

In order to achieve its mission and reach its goal, ASUDEC set its objectives as follow :

1.Promote and mobilize the African intelligentsia for grassroots development;

2.Promote the education of local people;

3.Preserve diversity and the environment;

4.Research and disseminate appropriate knowledge and technologies;

5.Strengthen community sustainability

The target audience :

Small holding households, women, young people, illiterate populations, and pupils and students