Mission ,Values ,Goals

Founded in 1998, A.SU.DE.C is a non-governmental organization of Burkina Faso law with a pan-African vocation. ASUDEC members include Mentors: they are responsible for resource mobilization and are the only ones eligible for decision-making; Endogenous Educators: responsible for the implementation of field activities, and Beneficiaries: Main actors of family and local development. Other stakeholders include Institutional Partners, International Advisers, and various supporters (student and professional trainees, volunteers, volunteers) who may be more effective than statutory members.

The vision of ASUDEC: A world where diversity is preserved, and where all people live happily in equity, peace and social harmony in a healthy and pleasant environment, guided by a secular spirituality.

The  Mission of ASUDEC : To help people find better ways of thinking and doing that can make life easier and lead to well-being for all in a futuristic and sustainable vision.

The objectives of ASUDEC: order to achieve its mission and reach its goal, ASUDEC has set itself the following objectives:

1.Promote and mobilize the African intelligentsia for grassroots development;

2.Promote the education of local populations;

3.Preserve diversity and the environment;

4.Research and popularize appropriate knowledge and technologies;

5.Strengthen community resilience

Target Audience: Underprivileged households, women, youth, illiterate populations and students