ASUDEC's understanding of the environment is inspired by the long-standing African visio teeling that "the environment it is all ! "
According to this vision the environment includes the material world of perceptible things and the immaterial world of the invisible spirits between which man evolves and transfigurates himself. In each of these two worlds diversity is simply inestimable and sacred. Diversity is characteristic of the environment and of the elements that make it up. It is the generating factor of existence, the very foundation of all equilibrium and universal sustainability. Any inequity in environmental management is a threat to diversity, and therefore to stability and sustainability; even though this diversity is strong, the general cycle of life has surprising adaptations.
Concretely, ASUDEC's current efforts in the field of environmental governance covers land appropriation, the development of micro forest enterprises and the preservation of diversity and the environment. In order to better engage poor and vulnerable households, ASUDEC is developing traditional poultry farming, market gardening and microcredit activities at its main gateways. Other upcoming activities according to the wisdom of the ASUDEC chameleon and according to the wishes of the beneficiary of its own development.